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Entrepreneurship programs

Load all your entrepreneurship programs, know the status of each project, measure its progress and the efficiency of your program.


They will know what your program consists of, who their mentor is, they can review their progress dashboard, what to do and when, in addition to reporting achievements.


They will know how to execute your methodology, they will upload their minutes and you can manage their payments.


Generate progress reports by project, global reports of the entrepreneurs in your programs, review indicators of success of your programs and manage databases.


Connect your workspace in EOS with database administration and management applications such as HubSpot, F6S and Seraf.

EOS is the platform where modules and applications converge that will facilitate the operation of your entrepreneurship program, make it 100% digital, and make you more efficient.

All in one place

Your entrepreneurship program
Your entrepreneurs
Your mentors
Finance management
The services and specialists of your ecosystem
Customize more management packs

We are an integrating platform
Some of the apps that connect in EOS:

With EOS it is easy to take your entrepreneurship program to digitalization